Wise Fertility Choices
 Consultation Choices
  Women's Health/Fertility/Cycle Concerns
  • One hour dietary and lifestyle consultation via Zoom/phone.  $125.  Includes one week of
         email support to answer your questions and provide information for gradual

  • Follow-up consults at 30 minutes each, $65.  Recommend 4-6 sessions to achieve best


Fertility Awareness
  • Instruction in charting your fertility signs with a technique that will enable you to tell what
    your hormones are doing, combined with a modified version of the Couple to Couple
    League (CCL) sympto-thermal method (STM).  $125.  This method can easily be used to
    understand and interpret your fertility status during any stage of your reproductive years
    (e.g. regular, 'odd' cycles, discontinuing hormonal contraception, postpartum and
    premenopause transitions).

  • Includes initial one hour instruction via Zoom/phone, two chart reviews, and ongoing email
    support for 6 months.

  • Additional chart reviews, $20 (20 minutes).
Already learned the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness with the Couple to Couple League, and are NOT in the postpartum or premenopause transition?
Want a consistent, personal consultant and
ongoing fertility awareness support?
Like to get your chart(s) reviewed by the same
well-trained, experienced consultant?
  • 12 months of chart reviews; also includes email/telephone assistance as needed, $50.
  • Individual consults involving specific situations related to the practice of NFP, for up to one hour.  ($40)
Already learned the CCL sympto-thermal method, and are IN the postpartum or premenopause transition?
  • 12 months of chart reviews; also includes email/telephone assistance as needed, $100.

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