Wise Fertility Choices
1.  Women's health/fertility/cycle concerns--$125, includes 1 hr. consult and 1 wk. email
      support; follow-up consults at $65/30 minutes each; 4-6 recommended;
2.  Fertility awareness--$120 with 1 hr. consult, 2 chart reviews and 6 months' email support;
3.  Already learned CCL-ST Method and NOT in postpartum or premenopause--$50/year;   
     includes chart reviews, email, and phone assistance;
or 1 time consult--$20 for 20 minutes;
4.  Already learned CCL-ST Method and IN postpartum or premenopause--$100/year;  
     includes chart reviews, email, and phone assistance.

Consultation Choices

Send check (in U.S. funds only) along with type of consultation requested directly to: 
Victoria Braun

1470 Inverness Ct.
Reedsburg, WI 53959   USA         
Include name, address, tel. #, and email.
Or, submit an email message below first, if you want to know which type of consult would be best for you.

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