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Couples have a right to accurate knowledge regarding diet and lifestyle in order to achieve optimum health and fertility.  Moreover, women's bodies are designed to reveal their patterns of natural fertility/infertility through outward observable signs.  If women choose to  monitor these observable signs they can learn to recognize their own individual hormonal patterns, thus, enabling them to determine how fertile they are.
In today's world women's health and fertility cycles are often being negatively affected because of stress, lifestyle choices, toxic substances, and other factors.   Wise Fertility Choices  is committed to providing couples with current information on both dietary and lifestyle changes that can improve their fertility, address cycle issues, and improve pregnancy and postpartum outcomes.
Wise Fertility Choices  also offers a technique to closely monitor women's hormonal patterns, empowering couples who desire to practice natural fertility awareness to interpret their individual fertility patterns, regardless of the type of cycle or transition they may be experiencing. 
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